Heavenly breads

Journalistes et photographes en reportage pour le magazine se mettent à table. Ricochets gourmands autour du globe.

Cape Town What other food is kneaded and shaped the world over, reinvented incessantly using different flours and techniques? Witness this modest type of bread, savored one summer evening in a gourmet Cape Town restaurant: a small warm ball of wheat flour with a name like a nursery rhyme: idombolo. Served with apricot compote and smoked herring, this version of a Xhosa bread, soft as a Chinese bun, white as a baguette, becomes a complete dish.


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Chulumani This delicious specialty, made of wheat flour, water, salt and cheese and devoured warm, is named for the small Bolivian village it comes from. There’s a hot and spicy version, too. You’ll find it pretty much everywhere in La Paz, but it’s hard to beat munching on one at the cable car station in Sopocachi (Supu Kachi in the Aymara language), a hip, lively neighborhood on the Yellow Line.

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