Heads-up for
the minaudière

The ultimate fashion accessory, the ornamental box clutch is making a comeback. Renaud Pellegrino has adorned them with mosaics.

His name is Renaud Pellegrino, and he’s been making bags since 1983. He’s worked for the big luxury houses—Dior, Givenchy, Ungaro and, especially, Yves Saint Laurent, for whom he designed the Cardinal bag. He’s a fixture in Paris society, partying till dawn with the magical ephemera that is the fashion world. Suffice it to say that when Pellegrino is enjoying the essential things in life—in other words, the extraneous—he has other designs in mind. His is a mind infused with light, particularly the Mediterranean sunshine of his childhood in Cannes. He quickly found a kindred spirit in Tunisian mosaicist Farouk Nasraoui. In his workshop above the Bay of Tunis, Nasraoui seems to have captured the essence of light, transposing it into the micro-mosaics of Pellegrino’s minaudières. Like a red carpet that compels people to strike a pose, these miniature cases make you stand up straighter. With a minaudière, you walk tall, as if you were queen of the world. It’s nothing like a sloppily slung shoulder bag, let alone the bags worn frontward (no comment!). You slip in the absolute minimum (a friend can take your phone), because when you’re wearing such a unique design, this is all you need. You have “it”—and the world at your feet.

Phantom, opéra


Phantom of
the Opéra