Aesop creates irresistible travel kits, for head to toe pampering, anywhere in the world.

One day we’ll close our eyes and in a split second we’ll be in Vienna. Or São Paulo. That’s what the brains at Aesop must have been thinking when they created these small travel kits named after these two cities. After all, travel is tactile, and your skin is part of the action. And now, more than ever, we take care of it. We listen to it, and protect it from salt, the sun and harsh winds. We are more self-absorbed now than at any other time of the year. We memorize sounds, music and smells. And link them to a place. Aromas of fig trees, the jingling of the keys to the villa, the scent of rice.

These soft, satiny black cases offer us a special treat. Let’s start with Vienna. We’ll opt for normal and dry—skin, that is. Ready? Shut your eyes and hold out your hands for the classic shampoo and nurturing conditioner. So far, so good. Your head’s taken care of. Then geranium leaf body cleanser followed by a body balm with the same ingredients, boosted with a hint of citrus. Also in the same travel kit, a “fabulous” face cleaner. That makes sense; it’s for your face, so it contains a touch of aloe leaf and green tea. Continuing in this same vein, we reach almost greedily for a balancing toner to soothe the skin and a camellia nut hydrating cream, also for the face. And then, because it’s there: a bottle of mouthwash (anise, clove bud, spearmint leaf) and toothpaste for a little upper-body workout.

The journey to São Paulo starts with the same microfiber case, the same solo size, but with different notes (parsley seed). It has the same row of distinctive little bottles (15 ml and 50 ml). And the same open-ended offer to do whatever you want with them. In the end, the best trips are those that we don’t take. They float in our dreams, slide over our skin.

Remerciements : hôtel The Hoxton, Paris



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