Fostering dignity
for those in need

Avec le soutien de la Fondation Air France, Akamasoa aide les populations malgaches délaissées à se reconstruire dignement.

The Malagasy humanitarian association Akamasoa (Good Friends), founded by Father Pedro Opeka in 1989 and supported by the Air France Foundation, works to offer povertystricken populations in Madagascar a better life via housing, employment and education. Akamasoa has opened eight centers with 22 villages for 3,822 families with children. It allows these people to rebuild their lives and prepare their children’s futures, thanks to 3,070 jobs in construction, crafts and farming as well as training workshops in tile-making, welding, mechanics and carpentry. It has built 3,038 social housing units, 15 schools, five creches and preschools and seven dispensaries. Sports activities are available in a brandnew gym, opened by the Air France Foundation on February 28, which also serves as a cyclone shelter.



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