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A meditation session for all with the Mind app.
Air France news
A feel-good meal, with My Fun Menu.
Air France news
The airline has more than one trick up its sleeve for 3- to 8-year-olds—including an activity kit and a magic trick with a special pencil.
Air France news
Use the Air France app to keep track of your kids as they travel.

Travel is child’s play this summer, with Kids and Kids Solo. The airline takes special care of its young passengers, from reservations to check-in, connecting flights and in-flight services.

Air France carries 300,000 children aged 4 to 17 every year—meaning thousands of families have chosen to trust the airline.

Kids: for families

An exclusive service in ticket offices

Air France takes special care of families with dedicated waiting areas, providing a cozy place and calm setting for preparing your trip. Discover these family areas in the Paris Porte-Maillot and Nantes ticket offices; five others will be created by 2020.

Fun and educational digital kiosk

For vacation time, Air France Play has expanded its selection of publications for kids. With this digital kiosk, you can easily download your children’s magazines to tablets and smartphones up to 30 hours prior to your flight, so that they can read the adventures of their favorite heroes.

Ten publications in French: Le Petit Quotidien, Mon Quotidien, Le P’tit Libé, Wapiti, GEO Ado, J’apprends à lire, J’aime lire, Picsou Magazine, Le Journal de Mickey et Histoires pour les petits. The app also includes a selection of publications in English, Spanish and German: My Weekly, My Little Weekly, Mi Semanal, Meine Woche.

Business lounges for parents—and kids!

The Business lounge in Terminal 2E, Hall L, has just opened at Paris-CDG. Modernized and now more spacious, the area was redesigned for families about to board long-haul flights, with a Kids space for children traveling in Business class with their parents. Young travelers can dip into Bayard Jeunesse magazines and play with Sony PS4 consoles and the new interactive multimedia game, Table Play by Novotel. It’s 100 percent all about the kids, so that parents can relax or enjoy a meal, worry- and guilt-free.

Magic in the air on long-haul flights

On our in-flight entertainment program, a flight attendant who is also a magician teaches young passengers four tricks (with new ones every six months). Watch carefully and then amaze your parents during the flight by doing the tricks yourself. They are performed using objects in the activity kits that are given to three- to eight-year-olds after takeoff.

Meditation for all

Children and their parents will be able to relax in the air and discover the benefits of meditation thanks to the Mind app. In all, 12 guided meditations (in four languages) are available as videos on the in-flight entertainment program: six for children, taken from Eline Snel’s acclaimed book Sitting Still Like a Frog, and six for adults.

À la carte menu for a special treat

On flights from Paris in the Economy and Premium Economy cabins, families have been enjoying a new À La Carte Menu since April: My Fun Menu, featuring a hamburger (French beef), yoghurt drink, doughnut and Haribo candy. This feel-good platter, made from high-quality products and great recipes, is available to kids 12 years and up; reserve ahead of time, up to 24 hours prior to your flight. Price: €13 or 4,500 Miles.

Kids Solo: when traveling alone

The Air France app, a parent’s best friend

Every year, Air France carries nearly 300,000 unaccompanied minors. This means that thousands of families around the world have chosen to trust our airline to take care of their young adventurers aged 4 to 17. Air France developed a simple yet comprehensive tool for an optimal experience. Wherever you are in the world, you can now reserve and purchase a ticket directly on your smartphone or tablet for a child traveling alone (Kids Solo) anywhere on the entire Air France network (domestic and international flights).

The Air France app provides peace of mind to parents throughout the journey. From the moment the children are dropped off to their arrival, parents are kept informed in real time of their progress: they receive notifications on their phones when boarding, takeoff and landing have occurred—and even a selfie of the child once they’ve arrived safe and sound.

Dedicated areas

Dedicated areas In Terminal 2EL at Paris-CDG, the airline has a fun space with Internet connection for all unaccompanied minors with connecting flights and stopovers lasting more than two and a half hours. Several rooms under the supervision of Air France staff offer optimum waiting conditions for young flyers—a relaxation room after a long-haul flight, a games room for five- to nine-year-olds, a lounge with library, TV and USB plugs, and a special games space for teens featuring Sony PS4 consoles, a multimedia table game, table football, and, of course, free Wi-Fi.

Game time

This summer, the new activity kits distributed on long-haul flights are transparent with two-tone designs, and contain an activity notebook, colored pencils, a magnetic photo frame, a tic-tac-toe game (violet/orange or blue/yellow) and a postcard to color. The postcard comes to life via the Air France Kids app, available for iOS and Android.


Nothing but the best for baby

Parents traveling with a baby on a long-haul flight in La Première, Business and Premium Economy class receive a new baby kit, containing a baby’s diaper, bib, spoon, plush toy, baby wipes and Nivea moisturizing cream for face and body.


Table Play by Novotel for one and all

Developed by Novotel, and in partnership with the hotel group, this interactive play table will amuse young and old alike. Memory and reflex games, kart races and sudoku are among the 12 games to play alone or with others, starting age two. Available in the Air France Espaces Kids and Kids Solo at Paris-CDG and in the Nantes Air France ticket office.

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