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Loup, France

360 wolves were recorded in France in May 2017.

20 000 : the number of trees planted by the city of Paris since 2014.

27°C water temperature of the Aspirant-Dunand pool in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. It’s heated ecologically by capturing the heat given off by sewers.

18x : the rate of multiplication of mobile data circulation in the last five years.

aide, domicile

Les nouvelles aides scolaires

New academic aids A plethora of private and public websites (notably the CNED) offer academic support on the Internet, free of charge. The methods are often based on tutorials and explanatory videos, with a range of online exercises and even customized support. One of these sites, the Salman Khan Academy, has been particularly successful. Its founder started with a video designed to help his niece, who was overwhelmed by a math problem. The system’s simplicity, combined with word-of-mouth, created a phenomenon, and the site now claims to have helped visitors solve some 1.2 billion exercises. Easy to use and featuring a clean and childishly simple graphic design, it provides direct access to the various subjects and their subgroups. The French version covers the sciences, IT and math, from grade one through the baccalaureate; the US site also offers classes in economics, art, history and architecture. The Academy sees itself as a way to offset the lack of teachers and funds in most countries around the world. The contents have therefore been translated into dozens of languages, from Bahasa Indonesia to Xhosa (south Africa).

Linkedin, social

500 million people have signed up to the professional network LinkedIn.


50 years since the American counterculture peaked during the Summer of Love in California. Initiated by the beatniks, it was symbolized by folk music and the demonstrations of the ’60s promoting civil rights and Flower Power.


Piquer une tête

Take the plunge In many European cities, you can bathe and laze on the landscaped banks of rivers or by lakes and ponds dotted here and there. In Prague, thanks to Lake Dzbán, located in the sixth district, and the pool at the Yellow Spa on the Vltava River, it’s easy for both visiting tourists and locals to cool off. In Munich, people splash around at the public beach on the banks of the Isar River, a tributary of the Danube, or head out near the Haus der Kunst to surf some waves. If you’re in Lausanne or Berlin, you can get in a few lengths in the nearby lakes. Paris is making great strides in cleaning up the Seine to create a proper swimming area. From July through September, you can take a dip in the Bassin de la Villette, in the capital’s 19th arrondissement, as hip as can be, between the edgy outlying districts and the worldly elegance of the City of Light.

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