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Curiosité & mobilité

Paris What do you do while riding the bus? Look out of the window, rain or shine, as cityscapes unfold before your eyes. Parisians and visitors to the city now have an app as their bilingual, geolocalized city guide, powered by a team of urban explorers. A forgotten street, an illustrious facade30 seconds per site.


Application téléchargeable sur l’App Store.

Liens précieux

Paris Pierre Hardy, creative director of Hermès Bijouterie, has taken the safety pin from the punk jacket and reinvented a house classic: the anchor chain. Sleek and streamlined, it slips neatly into a cuff, slides down a necklace and struts above diamond-strewn chains. Anti-conformist flow.

bracelet manchette Argent et diamant.

Collection Chaîne d’ancre punk.

Paris by side-car

Paris Go wild, hit the road, zoom over cobblestonesbut this time aboard a sidecar, hitched to put-put-putting Ural motorbikes, ridden by seasoned, stylish drivers, complete with waxed mustache and high gaiters. A lovely way to (re)discover Paris in explorer mode and to soak up the summer warmth.

rétro tour

Images d’un jour flottant

Paris Japan is guest of honor at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris. A collection of images that bounce between reflections of a wounded society undergoing dramatic change and the tenderness of Nobuyoshi Araki’s honeymoon.

mémoire et lumière.

PHOTOGRAPHIE JAPONAISE 1950-2000 Jusqu’au 27.08. MEP. 5-7, rue de Fourcy.

Grandes oreilles

Paris  The very first notes, by the Monterosso duo, set the tone: Kitsuné’s fourth compilation dedicated to French music features electro-pop that’s avant-garde yet accessible, with tunes to get you moving. It’s a soundtrack with an urban vibe, for traveling through the city, or into the night.

kitsuné parisien 4

De déco en bistro

Paris As the basilica of Notre-Dame-des-Victoires rings lunch hour opposite her concept store, Sarah Lavoine serves a bistro menu by David Lanher and Quentin Domange. The perfect time to take stock of the choices in decor.

la la cuisine

6, place des Petits-Pères–6, place des Victoires. Tél. +33 (0)1 40 13 75 75.

À fleur de peau

Paris In 1927, Gabrielle Chanel created Huile de Jasmin, an essential facial oil with jasmine extract that revitalizes and moisturizesthe perfect demonstration of her vision of simplicity and purity. Now, 90 years later, the house has done a new take on the oil: jasmine extract from Grasse is still present, as are plant-based oils.

huile de jasmin


Le retour de la bande

Paris Éric Frechon gave it “cinema cuisine,” Tom Dixon did the interiors: the landmark Drugstore on the Champs-Élysées has had a face-lift. Butter ’n’ baguette, beef and caviar, raw/cookedthe soul of the eternal brasserie.

le drugstore

133, avenue des Champs-Élysées. Tél. +33 (0)1 44 43 77 64.

Traits communs

Paris At the heart of modernity, three legendary heavyweightsDerain, Balthus and Giacomettihave some pretty uncanny affinities. They discovered, drew closer to and influenced one another. Art is also about friendship and sheer wonder.

derain, balthus, giacometti.

Une amitié artistique Jusqu’au 29.10. Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris. 11, avenue du Président-Wilson.

Une vie belle et rebelle

Paris “Hey, gorgeous, look at the camera!” Walking through the city streets, Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken was always on the lookout. Waxing rebellious at times, poetic at others, his work captures the beauty of the bohemian lifestyle.

Ed van der Elsken.

La vie folle Jusqu’au 24.09. Jeu de Paume. 1, place de la Concorde.

Guide de survie en milieu urbain

Paris You open the delicate Ladurée box with the same excitement as if it contained their precious macaroons. What’s on offer inside this book may not be as delicious, but it is certainly beautiful. It’s about things that make life easier, bringing magic to everyday life.

les belles manières de ladurée

Éditions du Chêne.

Des jardins à porter

Paris After his “Bonjour City Map-Guides,” complete with his favorite spots, Marin Montagut has launched a line of scarves featuring Paris gardens. They’re useful (they include a map), playful and as elegant as a lingering memory.

Foulard Le jardin des plantes

100% soie.

Manège chinois

Paris Festive tables in China are like a carrousel of plates, bowls and saucers, spinning on a glass lazy susan. For Roche Bobois, Jean Nouvel has created a round, simple surface, with the moving part set into a thin two-tone lacquered top. To pass the dishesand hospitalityfrom one continent to another.

table li-da et colonne li-do

Roche Bobois x Jean Nouvel.

Broder des histoires

Paris Pearls, multicolored sequins, gold threadthere are thousands of them on a haute couture dress, painstakingly positioned one by one in the embroidery workshops of Maison Lesage, purchased by Chanel in 2002. The school offers evening courses to discover the secrets of this amazing craft.

école lesage

13, rue de la Grange-Batelière. Tél. +33 (0)1 44 79 00 88.

Herbes pas si folles

Paris Whether custom-made or packaged for sale, the black teas and herbal teas sold here boast beneficial properties handed down from traditional European and Asian pharmacopoeia. Located in a discreet boutique in the heart of the historic Marais. A space where purity is honored.

compagnie royale des indes orientales

55, rue de Bretagne. Tél. +33 (0)1 43 70 01 86.

© De Eugenio Marongiu/Shutterstock - Paul Lepreux - Rétro Tour - Araki Nobuyoshi/Collection Maison européenne de la photographie, Paris - DR - Maison Sarah Lavoine - Lisa Klein Michel - Chanel
© Yann Deret - Succession Alberto Giacometti/Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti, ADAGP, Paris 2017 - Ed van der Elsken/Collection Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam - Julian Schlosser/TakaProduction
© Marin Montagut - Jean Nouvel. Photo : Michel Gibert - Anne Combaz - Bérengère Valogne pour la Compagnie Royale des Indes Orientales