A table of tablecloths

This paper tablecloth has the paradoxical appeal of all ephemeral objects. We’d like to keep them just as they are. Freeze-frame them in their moment in time. And then bam, they’re gone, as if somehow mocking us, leaving us feeling almost bereft, misunderstood. We find ourselves looking for ways to salvage a tiny piece of themthe layout of an apartment, a threepenny poem, a scribbled sketch, a romantic message. A paper tablecloth conjures up the joyful din of an Italian trattoria, a copious meal, food spilling over the sides of the plate. No big deal, everyone’s having fun and that stray strand of spaghetti actually looks terrific on the table. The meal can go on, each of its courses leaving its discreet mark on the tablecloth. Sometimes the bill has been tallied on one of the corners. And then it’s time to go, and we almost look back in nostalgia at the heartwarming moment just spent.

But rest assured, there are benevolent souls out there coming up with ways to smooth these matters out. Our beloved paper tablecloth with its fleeting presence in our lives has now been made to last. It’s washable, and above all, joy of joys, you don’t have to iron it. That moment in time can happen time after time. And we will find new poetry in it.

Picnic & Table Cloth

4 tailles, 100% polyéthylène.

Air France, JO, 2024


Air France
on the starting blocks
for Paris