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Sélection culturelle, gourmande, astuces d'initiés et adresses pointues pour lever l'ancre et rallier d'autres terres.

Lawler hors cadre

New York A member of the Pictures Generation, Louise Lawler has spent her life reappropriating art made by others, photographing works by Warhol, Serra and Richter in museum storerooms or in the homes of private collectors. She warbled the names of famous male artists to call attention to women, and is now focusing on distorting reality.


Jusqu’au 30.07. MoMA. 11 West 53 Street.

L’envers des vers

Los Angeles Inspired by Apollinaire’s Calligrammes and the Futurists, concrete poetry sets words aflame, as in Augusto de Campos’s cube poems, Ian Hamilton Finlay’s standing poems and Mary Ellen Solt’s flower-shaped compositions. Beyond words, to see and to listen to.

Concrete Poetry: Words and Sounds in Graphic Space

Jusqu’au 30.07. Sepulveda Blvd & Getty Center Drive.

Voyage immobile

Spiere  Vincent Sheppard’s outdoor chairs are an invitation to relax and let your mind wander. Made in Indonesia using in some cases the Lloyd Loom method (kraft paper and steel wire), they combine attractive styling, durability and easy upkeep. When you’re curled up in a garden sofa with a book or cup of tea, escape is no illusion.

Collection Roy

Vincent’s Garden.

Minimalisme à table

Milan It could be a building block set, kanji characters or the “stones” of a Japanese Zen garden that you gaze at in meditation while sipping a bowl of tea. Ishi consists of a glass top and 11 cedarwood pieces. Six are fixed, the other five positioned to suit your mood.

Table Ishi

Design Nendo.

Lignes de chance

Hong Kong Write, travel through time and your inner self, leaving a tiny scratch on the world’s surface. Aoyama notebooks make you want to put pen to paper, reflect, imagine and look within. The character on the covers of these handsewn notebooks stands for luck (or happiness)an auspicious sign.

Carnets Lucky

Art au beau fixe

Los Angeles There’s no need to don Guess jeans, the Marciano brothers’ famous brand, to visit the Marciano Art Foundation, the most recent museum to open in LA. Housed in a former Masonic temple, the brothers’ foundation has a collection of 1,500 works, including pieces by Villar Rojas and Paul McCarthy, beacons of contemporary art.

The Marciano Art Foundation

4357 Wilshire Boulevard.

Rêves d’océan

Stockholm It’s never too late to wake up to the wonders of the sea. Whales, fish, turtles, crabs and other sea creatures gambol about these Garbo & Friends bed linensfor little ones as well as adults. And the imagination drifts free on organic cotton percale in soft pastels.

collection mares

Algues bienfaisantes

Londres Shut your eyes, breathe slowly and sink into a bath of revitalizing kelp. On Ireland’s west coast, people have known for eons that magnesium and antioxidants in aquatic plants revitalize the body. The plants are prime ingredients in this line of detoxifying, energizing body treatments.

ligne atlantic kelp magnesium


© Louise Lawler, 2017 - Augusto de Campos, Julio Plaza / Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles. Courtesy Augusto de Campos, courtesy Anabela Plaza - Vincent Sheppard - De Padova

© Robert Wedemeyer - Alice Miquel - Garbo & Friends - REN

Xavier, Veilhan, Studio


Envolées lyriques