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l'économie de la planète en quelques chiffres.

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9 million counterfeit goods were confiscated in France in 2016.

20 % of payments are made using coins and banknotes in Sweden.

9 million years old: age of the Amazon River, according to new sediment analyses; before, it was “only” 7.5 million years old.

40% of the world’s wind power is generated in Asia.

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Undersea gardening

To grow and harvest basil, oregano, strawberries and peas along the coast of Noli, in Liguria, Italy, there are farmers who don wetsuits, fins and masks to reach hydroponic beds located at a depth of 8 meters. Since 2012, in Nemo’s Garden, plants have been nurtured in small plastic greenhouses with everything essential to their growthair, sunshine, protection from pests and a constant temperature. Soilless farming techniques use 70 to 90 percent less water than traditional methodsin this case because condensation on the walls provides moisture. Initially, Nemo’s founders wanted to create more interaction between the undersea world and the surface. They’ve lost several of the biospheres through wave action, but the high yields offset Neptune’s shenanigans. Even better, the spheres are highly effective in harsh environments with scarce water and large temperature variations. Large-scale feasibility studies still need to be carried out, but mini-spheres are available for those who want to try this type of cultivation.


2 hours of sleep a day? That’s all elephants need, less than any other animal; horses sleep nearly 3 hours; and giraffes in captivity, 4.5 hours

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29 million French people exercised regularly in 2016.


Zero-emission shipping

Nearly 90 % of the world’s commercial cargo is transported by sea. Freighters, oil tankers and container ships use megatons of fuel, some of which is very low grade and harmful as a result. Two Norwegian companies, Kongsberg Gruppen and Yara, are developing an autonomous, fully electric, zero-emission vessel. Loading, shipping and unloading operations for the Yara Birkeland will be fully automated by 2020 via three control centers. The ship, scheduled for delivery in 2018, will be used primarily for coastal navigation, sailing within 12 nautical miles of the coast, between three ports in southern Norway. With a capacity of some 100 containers, a range of 65 nautical miles (120 km) and speeds of between 6 and 10 knots, this vessel represents a drop in the ocean in terms of the tens of thousands of tons and containers shipped globally. To be more than mere greenwashing, this initiative will have to be supported and widely replicated to become a viable shipping alternative.


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