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Pepite, Les Bateaux, pop synthétique

Pépite Les Bateaux

How does a romantic stroll in the Plaza de Bolívar to the accompaniment of chanson française immersed in synthetic pop sound to you? The Parisian duo Pépite juggles the styles with panache, drawing inspiration as it happens from a break up.

London Grammar, Big Picture, electro

London Grammar Big Picture

Known for their minimalism mixing electro, soul and, on occasion, classical music, London Grammar will be happy to guide you during your climb up Monserrate, the hill that rises to 3,152 meters.

Polo & Pan, Canopée, électro tropicale

Polo & Pan Canopée

With the warm, tropical electro of French duo Polo & Pan, you will suddenly want to explore every inch of the Catedral de Sal, a church built in the former salt mines.

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livre, Monsieur Bleu


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