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Jeter l’encre


Monsieur Bleu

Captain Blue couldn’t have chosen a better job for himself: he’s a deep-sea fisherman. He loves it when everything is blue, immensely, marvelously blue, from water to sky. But you’ll still find him sailing aboard a green sailboat, with a goldfish as a pet and a chimney sweep friend named Mister Blackwho’s pretty green when it comes to fixing boats. A highly visual, optimistic seaside adventure, illustrating two overwhelming desires: to head to the big blue sea for a monochromatic swim, and to meet Mister Green, another work by the Norwegian artists’ collective Yokoland.

Par Yokoland

Éditions Les Grandes Personnes

La Mer enchantée

What’s Hidden in the Sea. There’s more to the pictures in this book than meets the eye. The green, blue and red porthole filters reveal the mysteries of life under the sea, by obscuring some of the tones in the illustrations. Each “lens” brings out a detail: what whales eat, how baby turtles are born, a family of clownfish. You can explore to your heart’s content without getting wetbut you’ll soon feel the urge to dive into the next wave.

Par Aina Bestard

Seuil Jeunesse

Un voyage en mer

When stories are sculpted into shapes and volumes, readers can take a step back and even enjoy a bird’s-eye view. That’s exactly what will happen when you open this small technical masterpiece by Argentine Gérard Lo Monaco (formerly a set designer for Jérôme Savary’s Grand Magic Circus, now the poobah of pop-up books). So hop aboard for a journey through rollicking seas, along with caravels, yachts and steamships, each more realistic than the last, like mini model shipsbut made of paper.

Par Gérard Lo Monaco


Poissons, coquillages & crustacés

Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh . . . In this book, pearly flesh, lustrous scales and manicured shells are showcased through the lens of Charlie Drevstam, and prepared in multiple ways by Swedish chef Tommy Myllymäki. Winner of the Bocuse d’Or Europe in 2014, he supports sustainable fishing and has here compiled 80 family recipes and favorites from his restaurants. Instructions for dishes that will delight mermaids and landlubbers alike.

Par Tommy Myllymäki


Les Curieuses Cartes de Vargic

What if the Internet or music were actual physical territories, made up of islands, rivers and hills? Web titans would fan out like continents between the Ocean of Data and the Sea of Apps, pop would share rugged borders with rock’n’roll and funk. This is how 19-year-old Slovak illustrator Martin Vargic envisions the world. And this is how he represents it, in 64 maps that form a poetic geopolitical view, complete with stereotypes, companies, sports and more. This maze of world maps at times lacks keys or labels to guide readers, but that’s a peccadillo as it simply reflects the imagination of the young author: boundless.

Par Martin Vargic

Éditions du Sous-sol


Wild at heart