Editor’s letter

There’s magic in that free-swinging idea of a mass hoisted up, pulled away, letting you fly. “Anchors aweigh!” lightening your load, in a weightless arc. The burden’s lifted, shoulders relaxed. Unyielding rock smoothed, softened, almost evaporating into a pensive sfumato. And in that timeless moment, the fascinating power of motion is born.

Postcard by Nicolas Lefebvre

In the hands of this globe-trotting graphic designer, colored pencils and ink create atmospheric drawings, “small illustrated machines”; he is also a photographer and video artist. This month, a nod to the Palace of Knossos (Crete): dolphins seem to be swimming through the sky.



Exposé du 7.07 au 23.09

Publié par Schirmer/Mosel.C/O, Berlin.


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