Sandra Rey

A comme Afrique. Impressions d’Afrique Avec un peu d’imagination, avec quelques accessoires aussi, avec une allée et des palmes, la Sicile, c’est aussi l’Afrique. Il ne s’agit pas d’arpenter la ville. Ailleurs est ce qui arrive.

A as in Africa: Impressions of Africa With a bit of imagination and a few accessories, such as a path and some palms, Sicily can also be Africa. You don’t have to amble all over the city. Afar is what appears.

Glowee invented soft, eco-friendly bioluminescent lighting for public spaces.

CEO of Glowee

How does the technology developed by Glowee work ?

Genes coding for bioluminescence for bacteria living in symbiosis with squids are inserted into common bacteria and encapsulated into a shell along with nutrients. At the end of its life (around one week), this biomass is converted into energy. The light is living, cultivable and recyclable. The impetus were the night-time restrictions on shop window lighting, but bioluminescence has been around for a long time. We’re proposing new products and uses not for lighting and reading or working, but for signage.

Is light pollution a factor in your projects ?

Of course, but bioluminescence is soft, as it is diffuse, and emits very little heat. Its texture and quality don’t seem to affect fauna much (mosquitoes and snakes are not attracted to it).

What do "limit" and "impossible" mean to you ?

As a child I used to say that I had my feet on Mars. I am a big dreamer, yet very pragmatic and optimistic. A designer like me always calls everything into question in order to innovate and improve.

Which country would be most in sync with Glowee (light, nature, energy) ?

Glowee is not so much close to light as to energy. So I would say Iceland, where it is 100 percent renewable. This country uses the power of nature. It has understood its strengths and capitalizes on them.

What object do you always take on your travels ?

I travel light, but I note down systematically on my telephone everything I see and hear, everything that makes an impression on me. Otherwise I forget details.

A journey through time ?

I would like to go back to the places that I loved: South America and Peru, Iceland, Jordan. But I’m also forcing myself to discover new places.

  • 1990 Naissance à Boulogne-Billancourt.
  • 2009-2013 Master en design industriel spécialisé dans les nouvelles technologies à Strate (Sèvres) et victoire au prix Artscience avec Glowee.
  • Septembre 2014 Première entrée en laboratoire.
  • Décembre 2014 Création de Glowee.
  • Juin 2015 Premières 24 heures de lumière.
  • Décembre 2015 Lancement du premier produit pour l’événementiel durant la COP21.
  • Mars 2016 Reconnue par le MIT Technology Review parmi les 10 meilleurs innovateurs français de moins de 35 ans.


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