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l'amical sportive d'Air France accompagne les enfants en situation de handicap dans leur découverte du ski, grâce à des équipements adaptés.

The Amicale Sportive d’Air France (ASAF) today numbers 10,000 members and 80 sporting disciplines, on its various sites, including physical education, which serves as a means to improve health and social cohesion within the airline. In response to needs expressed by members, notably those of the disabled children of Air France staff, ASAF has broadened its action. One example: after several years of introducing kids to the joys of snow sports in Serre Chevalier, ASAF is enabling the more able among them to improve their skills by providing adaptive equipment. Fondation Air France is supporting this project by financing Scarver-type sitski gear, which gives skiiers more autonomy on the slopes. By helping them practice a sport in which they can progress, the Fondation is accompanying them along the path of self-fulfilment and healing.

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