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Humanitarian aid takes flight

Humanitarian aid takes flight With the support of the Air France Foundation and its Mécénat Humanitaire (humanitarian sponsorship), Aviation Sans Frontièresvia the Medical Messaging Servicetransports medical equipment and medicine to the most isolated health facilities in the world.  On average, some 100 to 150 packages are shipped every week  in the holds of Air France aircraft, to destinations in 35 countries. Crews supervise the transport of the supplies once the captain has given the green light and various police and customs inspections have been carried out. Currently, 600 humanitarian partners  are relying on this mission. Approximately 60 volunteers work  in the Medical Messaging Service, assisted by 25 correspondents to ensure the reception and distribution of the supplies to clinics, leprosy hospitals, orphanages and health centers worldwide. Since 1980, 1,600 tons of cargo have been shipped to treat hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries.


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