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Shauna Low, étudiante en droit, connue des adeptes de mode via son compte Instagram @saphiralefae. Shauna Low, a law student, known to fashion lovers through her Instagram account @saphiralefae.

Isabelle Giordano, director of UniFrance, the organization that promotes French cinema abroad with the support of Air France, says: “The Gobelins school is recognized as the best in the world when it comes to film animation. Kirikou is my hero, my benchmark. If asked, I’d choose him as a travel companion! His creator, Michel Ocelot, an exceptional artist, touched the hearts of kids and adults all over the world. He is the symbol of French animated films, embodying that special ‘French touch’ that’s both creative and humanist. From The Girls Without Hands to Ballerina, the French are capable of making truly great movies as soon as they leave the schoolas demonstrated by their graduation filmsas well as at Hollywood studios, where some of them head for work. This fascinating and well-documented book presents an overview of this exceptional field of expertise: to keep at the end of the bed to ensure sweet dreams.”

Cinéma d’animation, la French Touch

De Laurent Valière. Arte Éditions / Éditions de La Martinière

© Éditions de la Martinière

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