Air France poster exhibition

Sans titre, Nobuyoshi Araki (1973).

Untitled, Nobuyoshi Araki (1973).

The world of Air France has inspired generations of talented artists. Numerous poster artists, illustrators and photographers have shaped the airline’s brand image, from its founding in 1933 to the present day. Air France is proud to present a selection of the finest works from this rich heritage of more than 1,500 posters in the exhibition “Air France à l’affiche,” organized in conjunction with the Roissy-en-France tourist office. Enjoy a cultural journey into the artistic identity of Air France, tracing 84 years of the airline’s history, plus a look at its latest advertising campaign, “France is in the air.”

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Air France à l’affiche

Jusqu’en octobre 2017. Parc de la mairie de Roissy-en-France.

© Collection Air France.DR / Collection Musée Air France.  

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