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Sélection culturelle, gourmande, astuces d'initiés et adresses pointues pour faire du début d'été un jeu.

L’autre planète Eliasson

Reykjavík Olafur Eliasson, a magician with light, is opening a satellite studio accessible to the public in a renovated industrial space in Reykjavík. Iceland’s poetic landscapes, with its geysers and changing skies, will resonate through his work.

The Marshall House

Grandagarður 20.

Théorie de l’évolution

Milan Who said you can’t play with designer furniture? The Animaze range by DesignLibero encourages children to have fun with different modules that interlock like puzzles and whose outer wooden casing encloses a strange animal in foam rubber that can be a rocking horse, table or cuddly toy.

collection animaze

Tour de magie

La côte-aux-fées Possession is a jewelry line designed for daydreams: its signature piece is a diamond-studded ring revolving around a sphere. In a first, Piaget is adorning its pendants and bracelets with the colors of five ornamental gems. Make a wish and pink gold whirls around a planet in onyx black, malachite green, carnelian red, turquoise blue or lapis lazuli.

collection Possession


Dans la peau

Japon / Paris For five generations, Japanese firm Epoi has been designing and manufacturing ultra-smooth leather bags. It demonstrates its craft in “artisanal dialogues.” Invited to take part, Parisien Adieu created the Rock Study Bag, incorporating details from its shoes and gusset bags, a nod to the fan and the accordion. An organic project.

epoi x adieu. Rock Study bag

En gris, noir, 2 formats.

Caractère de chien

Italie Flashback: in 1970, to alleviate his dog’s solitude, Italian designer Fernando Cassetta created this lamp to keep it company. It was a hit. This year, he has revived it thanks to 3-D printing in a design that is true to the original: the head nods, altering the intensity of the light from the strip of LEDs. All it lacks is the ability to bark.

Lampe chien

Édition limitée à 50 pièces.

Facétieux Murakami

Chicago Fashionistas are already familiar with the kawaii-inspired Vuitton bag. In Chicago, Takashi Murakami is exhibiting his shimmering, Pop-like pictorial work, which draws on Japanese traditions and popular culture.

Takashi Murakami

Du 6.06 au 24.09. 220 E, Chicago Avenue.

Reliefs animés

Amsterdam Robert van Embricqs dislikes predictable objects. To reinvent the chair, this young Dutch designer began with a flat surface, then cut it, folded it and sliced it into strips until the astonishing curves of a seat rose up from the floor. And then, with a folding action, it returns to the state of a plank as if going back to sleep.

Histoire de fanfaronner

Mataro Bobo Choses, an environmentally responsible brand of kids’ clothing based in a former toy factory, is having fun this summer with legendary sports figures like Fosbury, McEnroe and Comaneci. Garments in washed out colors, often made out of organic cotton, reinterpret the symbols and apparel of various disciplines, including a number of designs for women.

Collection A legend

Bobo Choses.

©Courtesy of Olafur Eliasson and I8 Gallery, Reykjavik - Piaget - Claudio Morelli - DR - Nedgis - 1996-1997 Takashi Murakami / Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Photo : Norihiro Ueno - Robert van Embricqs - Bobo Choses


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