Editor’s letter

Leapfrog over a fence, munch candy that looks just like an aggie, a cat’s eye or a swirlie, play tag as you window shop from one display to the next or blind man’s bluff in a public square, find the hopscotch home base hidden in the cobblestones. With its rules and high jinx, the street is always keen to frolic. Like one big playground, marked out, with no nets. All you need to do is go back in timeand just jump right in.

Postcard by Bianca Argimon

Her contemporary drawings, created from color-drenched pens and pencils, paper and cutouts, are steeped in fiction and humor. For this artista traveler who loves total immersionworking means playing; and playing, preserving the magic of childhood, escaping everyday life. This month, a nod to an imagined Egypt.


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