At right angles

Reading in bed must be one of life’s true luxuries. But eventually, after lying on your front, then on your back, then on one side, propped on an elbow and then a hand, your muscles start to ache and pins and needles set in. The ideal solutionand we’ve all tried itis to stretch out on your back straight as an “i,” your book raised like a dumbbell. It’s a good idea, and gives the muscles a bit of a workout, but after a few pages even the fittest reader will start to flag. And that’s when you reach out for these prism glasses. The name alone has a certain charm to it, as does the way they work. They do look rather odd, with their triangular prisms that can be worn over prescription glasses. Via a system of mirrors (which can also have a magnifying effect), you can read at an angle of 90°. So after settling comfortably into your reclining reading position, your book on a stand or in your hands, you’re off on a long journey. They recommend against it, but wearing these specs as you walk down the street could also be handy when it comes to avoiding some topographical obstacle underfoot. Sooner or later, however, you’re likely to have some head-on encounters, and not necessarily the kind you were hoping for.


Lunettes pour lire allongé

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