Yaz Bukey

Fuel Injection,Yaz Bukey’s Spring-Summer 2017 accessories collection is inspired by car racing

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Meet this multi-talented artist, as she talks about her career and shares her most special place, in images and words.

Yaz Bukey, whose name means “summer princess” in Crimea, is extravagant, provocative; she has no limits, no filters. She and her sister, daughters of a Turkish diplomat, had an overprotected childhood, devouring books and films they re-enacted endlesslywhen Yaz was not customizing the sofa with lipstick or tinkering with electronic devices. Her mother wouldn’t let her become a singer; she attended Sciences Po and The American University of Paris and spent one year at the Studio Berçot fashion school, followed by stints at Margiela, Givenchy and Jeremy Scott. She finally launched her own accessories brand with her sister, producing trompe l’oeil collections in Plexiglas, creating perfect imitations of metals, gems and enamel. Yaz is still telling stories, and enlists models and dancers for her Tex Avery-like shows featuring wacky worlds inspired by the Garden of Eden, Olympus or the Oscars. Dreaming and playing are the same thing for her, with no room for the impossible or the serious, in keeping with her motto: let’s pretend! She is constantly innovating and would love to work for the Cirque de Soleil; create for Versailles; design furniture and hotels, cafés and restaurants; and has plans to work with a Parisian cabaret. To enchant and entertain.


“The place where I feel most at home . . . is an imaginary pool in the middle of a lush tropical gardenmy mood of the day. A memory of hours of synchronized swimming as a child: water is my ultimate element of well-being. I love the moment when, as you swim to the surface, the light becomes more and more intense. Around this pool are five or six girlfriends, cool drinks, a deck of cards. It’s hot, but there’s not a mosquito in sight. Giraffes and their babies, birds of paradise and parrots are playing among the ever-so-fragrant frangipani, hibiscus and bougainvillea. This pool is encircled by Greek columns, and my initials are written at the bottom of the turquoise pool.”


Thierry Guibert