Polo & Pan
set sail

After working discreetly with the hippest and hottest over the past four years, Polo & Pan have finally released their first album.

Polo & Pan are artisan producers. They belong to that group of people who carefully build a Technicolor world, stone by stone, one dream after another. Inevitably, with such a meticulous approach, Polo (aka Paul Armand-Delille) and Pan (Alexandre Grynszpan) have developed a habit of revealing their sonic discoveries sparingly. There was a cool collaboration (“Jacquadi” with the popular DJ Jacques), commissions from stylish brands (“Brooklyn Amusement Park” for Le Bon Marché and “Dorothy” for Apple) and even hip films (“Rivolta” for Eden, made by Mia Hansen-Løve). The art of being present without being seen. Polo, with his graying temples and gentle expression, explains unassumingly: “We live in the age of the teaser. We prefer to stay out of sight.”

The low-profile period is now over. After four years of working together, the duo from Paris has finally set sail: their first album is called Caravelle. In it, they talk about storyboards, not songs. These are not stories, but destinations. In short, this is colorful, dreamy, narrative music in the form of an exploration. “We draw on cumbia, bossa and techno, among other things,” explains Pan, who has already launched the site Radiooooo.com, which compiles musical gems from all over the world. “We want to share samples and hybridize them.”

“Hybridize”: this has become their trademark. After meeting behind the decks at Baron (they even refer to a “Baron school”), Polo & Pan pursued their experimentation in their laboratory-cum-studio, like mad researchers. “We mix anything and everything, but sometimes we screw up. I love failurethat’s how you learn,” says Polo. This devilishly cerebral duo has a single obsession: shattering musical boundaries so that their jungle can flourish, halfway between some imaginary land and the wizard of Oz.



Hamburger Records & Ekler’o’shock / Caroline France


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