Animal magnetism

Scarves are now the liveliest of accessories in wardrobes today, thanks to Heart Heart Heart. Some even have 3-D effects.

“Augmented reality is all too often the preserve of video games with a male narrative. I wanted to tell stories in silk and wool muslin.” Iracema Trevisan is a Paris-based Brazilian designer and she’s just brought out her second collection of scarves. After working on a range with American filmmaker Miranda July, she set about creating a new series of numbered designs featuring dreamy forests and skies, inspired by her tropical childhood. The plants and animals are heightened with a spectacular new feature: augmented reality, thanks to a phone app, HHH AR, that you download from the App Store. Once connected, just move your phone over the scarf and the motifs come to life on your screen: the cheetah that was frozen in its feline pose starts to move, the stars shoot through the sky, creatures become animated. It sets in motion a new kind of poetic expression, one that is subliminal, childlike and spectacular in its 3-D effects. You can also use the app to hide a digital message inside the scarf. Trevisan’s intention is to make the most of all that new technologies have to offer, appealing to the young and not so young. For her artistic approach inspires us to dream, and to marvel; to discover a new romance.



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