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Digital Guide Two new destinations have been added to your Travel by Air France digital guide. Off the Spanish coast, the waters of a shimmering transparent bay lap gently onto the beaches of Palma in Majorca, slap against the hulls of boats and crash onto rugged cliffs (photo). Beyond the coves and ports, the Palma (Le Seu) Cathedral stands proudly opposite the Royal Palace of La Almudaina. On the Bosc de Bellver, Chopin sonatas and preludes fill the air in the circular residence formerly occupied by James II of Majorca. In the distance, the peaks of the Serra de Tramuntana offer a glimpse of little-known areas of the island. Far to the west, explore Agadir, a seaside and port city with light sand beaches that stretch out in a long crescent along the Atlantic coast. With the medina and its Moroccan architecture in the distance, the marina tinkles with the sound of rigging clanging against the masts of sailboats.


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