With Olivier Falchi

From Argentina With a goal of keeping its customers surprised while maintaining its role as an in-flight ambassador of French culinary tradition, Air France asked talented chef Olivier Falchi, of the restaurant Le Sud (Sofitel Buenos Aires Arroyo), to concoct a Business class dish for one year, on flights between Buenos Aires and Paris. His recipes combine French expertise with Argentinean products, in a blend of simple ingredients designed to showcase exceptional flavors: duck paupiettes, marinated prunes and creamed carrots with orange and lemon juice. Six new dishes to discover between now and April 2018. It’s a pleasure for the airline as well, which continues to invite top-notch chefs to develop culinary creations.


After arriving in the land of the gauchos in 1998, Olivier Falchi’s talent, simplicity and charisma soon earned him a prominent position in Argentinean cuisine. He is now the executive chef at the Sofitel Buenos Aires Arroyo. Throughout his career, he has earned numerous awards and distinctions. He is a member of the Académie Culinaire de France, the Toques Blanches, and Lucullus (a French gastronomic association in Argentina) and holds an honorary degree from the Institut Culinaire de la Gastronomie Française. His dishes are imbued with all the flavors of southwest France, the land of his childhood.