Toulouse is one of the Group’s maintenanceservice bases in Europe.
Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance carries out maintenance on aircraft from over 200 airlines.
Carrying out maintenance on avionics equipment.
The aircraft engine maintenance workshop.
Air France Industries crews maintain, service and monitor everything. Some 50 professions areworking round the clock.

AIR FRANCE KLM employs 14,000 aeronautical maintenance professionals in over 100 cities, all dedicated to ensuring the airworthiness of its aircraft. Here’s a look at the Group’s renowned industrial expertise.

Every day, the aircraft in the AIR FRANCE KLM fleet make 2,500 flights all over the world. Ensuring the flawless operation of these technological marvels is a constant priority for the Group. At Paris-CDG, Paris-Orly and throughout the world, Air France Industries (AFI) is responsible for the maintenance of the airline’s Airbuses and Boeings. Mechanics work round the clock in the hangars and workshops and on the runways at their European base or at the airline’s international destinations. These professionals play an essential role in flight safety, punctuality and regularity.

Years of experience in aeronautical maintenance

Since its foundation in 1933, Air France has never placed the safety of its aircraft in the hands of anyone except its own experts, and set up its own maintenance division for this very purpose. A constant priority for flight safety and optimum quality in its operations led to the development of a major entity, Air France Industries, devoted to the technical maintenance and airworthiness of the airline’s fleet.

The AFI teams and highly qualified engineers and technicians maintain, overhaul and carry out checks on everything, from engines, electronic equipment, avionics and on-board computers to mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic circuits and systems, and airframes. Fifty different professions are required to perform technical checks ranging from a simple visual inspection to light maintenance and the comprehensive servicing carried out for a major overhaul. Air France Industries has always emphasized developing the skills of its technicians to accommodate technological developments in air transportation. Aircraft-specific expertise was enhanced prior to the arrival of new-generation planes such as the B787 and the A350 the treatment of composite materials used in producing the shell of these new aircraft, for example.

Air France Industries and its partner KLM Engineering & Maintenance rank second in the world where multi-product aeronautical maintenance (airframes, equipment, engines) is concerned. The maintenance arm of AIR FRANCE KLM Group, recognized as a major player in the MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) market, also provides technical assistance to more than 200 client airlinesrepresenting a fleet of over 2,000 aircraft worldwide.

Anticipating to save time

Programmed technical inspections complete the daily maintenance. For the A380, for example, a technical over haul is scheduled every 45 days; cabins are serviced every 21 days; every 24 months, a Type C Inspection takes place; and, every six years, there is a Structural Inspectionknown as the Grande Visitewhich consists of a complete overhaul of the aircraft. All of the Group’s Airbuses and Boeings are equipped with onboard monitoring devices enabling crews to check the operational status of each of the aircraft’s systems. These devices record any anomalies and convey them to ground crews. They are completed by flight and cabin crew reports on any irregularities observed, whether they concern the aircraft itself or cabin fittings (seats, individual video screens, etc.). This provides the crew and ground personnel with a pre-diagnosis of the state of each plane, so as to anticipate a possible intervention at the next destination.

All members of the AIR FRANCE KLM group’s maintenance staff receive specialist training, which is completed to cover technological developments in mechanics, IT and electronics.

Fast responses, planet-wide

Anytime, anywhere: line maintenance operates a system that can respond to the various situations that may arise at all of the destinations in the global network. These are ambitious objectives, as work may have to be carried out in Europe or on the other side of the world, in order to avoid delays, ensure operational continuity and maintain flight connections at Paris-CDG and Amsterdam-Schipol. Modern and connected technical tools with integrated access to all the necessary maintenance documentation as well as efficient means of communication (via cell/mobile technology or satellite) provide support to the specialists.

But access to good tools is not enough; this well-oiled organization functions thanks to the expertise of highly qualified professionals with many years of experience and on-the-job training. Their fast responsiveness and expert knowledge of each type of plane they work on, and their ability to carry out repairs punctually in environments as different as Bangalore, Madrid or San Francisco, guarantee efficiency in ensuring airworthiness and the safety of passengers flying with Air France.

Jobs in aeronautical maintenance

Air France is recruiting for aircraft maintenance positions, particularly aeronautical mechanics, technicians and engineers. From June 23 to 25, see available job offers at the Air France stand at the Salon du Bourget job-training forum.


See all available job offers at

Innovation on display

From June 19 to 25, Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) will be present at the 52nd International Paris Air Show at Le Bourget. This year the Group is showcasing MRO Lab, the AFI KLM E&M innovation program specifically aimed at the challenges of aeronautical maintenance. Emphasis will be on robotics, big data and predictive maintenance as well as virtual reality. These innovations are contributing greatly to the maintenance and servicing of new-generation airplanes (such as the B787 and the A350), in which AFI KLM E&M is a world-renowned specialist.




Antenne de recrutement se tient sur le stand air france au forum emploi-formation

Du 23 au 25.06.2017

Salon du Bourget.


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