Curry party

Samoa Curry even made its way to the middle of the South Pacific. In the Samoan Islands, the dish combines foreign influences and local culinary traditions. Curry powder is mixed with flour and then used to flavor corned beef (of all things) and canned fish, introduced by Europeans in the 19th century. It is often accompanied not by rice but by boiled taro or breadfruit, staples of the Samoan diet.

Birmingham The story goes that a restaurant owner brought balti to Birmingham after visiting Pakistan. Unlike its Indian counterpart, this tasty curry dish isn’t simmered for hours but is seared over a hot flame in a wok. Its name comes from the metal bowl in which it was traditionally prepared (balti meaning “bucket” in Urdu). But its delicious, mildly spiced flavor (tomatoes, coriander, chili, garam masala and ginger) is a gustatory voyage in itself. It’s become a British classic, best sampled in one of the many restaurants in the Midlands region that specialize in the dish.

Sapporo In a nippy climate such as Sapporo’s, nothing beats cooking with curry when the temperature drops below -15°C. Curry is added to everythingshrimp, chicken, porkand it acts rather like a thermostat, because you can opt for a specific degree of hotness when ordering. Stepping out into the snowy street afterward, you feel as warm as toast and as strong as an ox.



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