Isabelle d’Ornano

Sur la corniche de Chapman’s Peak Drive.

On Chapman’s Peak Drive.

Co-fondatrice de Sisley 

You work as a family. How has that contributed to Sisley’s success?

It’s a strength, because it makes communication easier. Family members don’t automatically step into their jobs; they have to be competent and motivated. My son Philippe is CEO, my daughter Christine is MD and my daughter Elisabeth works with the Sisley-d’Ornano Foundation. My eldest daughter was brand ambassador for a while. Today, my great-niece Sonia represents our new perfume, Izia, and several of my nieces worked on the interior design of La Maison Sisley.

Maison Sisley has the feel of a family house, not a beauty salon. What was the idea behind it?

It’s a living space that’s a shop, a beauty salon and a café, complete with a terrace. I decorated it with objects that I like [several come from her house in Florida] and works by Sudanese artists.

What inspires you?

Travel! I was born in Poland, grew up in Spain, and Andalusia was the inspiration for L’Eau du Soir. The humid air of the Florida peninsula inspired L’Eau Tropicale.

You say Izia evokes a favorite rose of yours.

It’s a capricious one, like the Little Prince’s. It only flowers once, in late May, and it has a lemony scent that’s not at all sweet. I planted the climbing roses around the tennis court in the country (you need a stepladder if you want to pick some!), but the label came off and I forget which variety it is. Nearby there’s the herb garden, with angelica, which goes into Izia.

Have you discovered a particular plant during your travels abroad?

Neem leaf, which is used in India to clean and whiten teeth.

Something you always pack?

I try to travel light, but I bring back shells and flat pebbles. Their shapes helped me explain to the sculptor Bronislaw Krzysztof, who designed the Izia bottle, what I was looking for.

  • 1963 Épouse le comte Hubert d’Ornano.
  • 1976 Le couple reprend Sisley.
  • 1980 Création de l’Émulsion Écologique.
  • 1989 Création de L’Eau du Soir, le parfum le plus vendu chez Sisley.
  • 1999 Lancement de Sisleÿa Global Anti-Âge après dix ans d’élaboration.
  • 2007 Création de la fondation Sisley-d’Ornano.
  • 2013 Philippe d’Ornano est nommé président du directoire de Sisley.
  • 2014 Lancement de Phyto-Lip Twist. 2016 Sisleÿa Global Anti-Âge devient Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge.
  • 2017 Lancement du parfum Izia et ouverture de la Maison Sisley, avenue de Friedland à Paris.


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