Cosmetic story

From the heights of Marseille, Château Berger offers an alternative vision of thalassotherapy, with mother and daughters joyfully concocting beauty.

A white château facing the Mediterranean, surrounded by tall palm trees tinged with gold at sunset. The road winds up through lawns toward a tranquil harmony of blue, white and green. Here, beauty and well-being are nurtured from mother to daughters. As if a predisposition for longevity and serenity colored an approach to life, a desire to offer a restorative interlude to body and mind.

Founded by Laurence Fogli, Château Berger is a family affair in every sense of the term. Everyone lends a hand, each contributing their experience or expertisefrom Madame Fogli’s husband, a plastic surgeon who fell in love with this estate overlooking the Corniche and set up his clinic there, to their daughters, Lilou and Marion. The former is ambassador for the brand, while the latter works in product design and development. Together, they opened this spa and thalassotherapy center, and launched a cosmetics brand. Château Berger offers a wide range of marine-based beauty and wellness treatments, as well as products containing natural ingredients like baobab oil, samphire, and plankton and pomegranate extract. “Several years’ preparatory work; careful consideration; development with doctors, chemists and French laboratories; a complicity in all things; and a lot of laughs all went into this wonderful project,” says Laurence Fogli. It’s a precision ecosystem geared exclusively to maintaining youth and beauty, under the luminous Mediterranean sky.


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