Basic scents

The Fourreau for a spray

The Flaconnier for bottles.

The Flaconnier for bottles.

Louis Vuitton’s leather pouches and cases will have your perfumes traveling footloose and fancy free.

A journey is a strange beast indeed. We have to tame it, lest it shy at the gate or gallop totally out of control. We often keep it on a short leash, tied firmly to the destination. In fact, it should be treated like a friend, cared for, talked to, embraced. That’s probably why we travel with luggage galore and comfy shoes, loose slacks and jolly moods. Our journeys should have a sensorial quality, protectively wrapped in a good book, appropriate music, some well-chosen fragrances. Vuitton’s new range of travel accessories adds an extra dimension to the latter. The idea is to fill your pouch or case with the scent of your destination. Select from among seven fragrances the one that best corresponds to your trip, and add resonance and depth to your journey. These small cases and pouches can be personalized: with your initials, of course, or those of someone who, suddenly, with this sensorial discovery, the softness of the leather, can fully appreciate the time and attention you give to your destinationsand to them.



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