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In Vanuatu, tourism is a pillar of the economy. With the backing of Air France, Acting for Life is supporting small local companies to boost sustainable development and eco-friendly scuba diving. The volcanic archipelago of Vanuatu has several outstanding scuba diving sites; tourists flock here to explore the coral reefs, abundant fish and mysterious sunken wrecks. For the past 20 years, the development of tourism has provided employment for almost one out of six people. But this progress is hindered by the frequent natural disasters linked to climate change. In 2015, the eye of the tropical cyclone Pam passed close to Vanuatu. The coastline and coral reefs were severely damaged, mooring systems weakened and local businesses hard-hit. Protecting Vanuatu’s natural heritage has become a priority to ensure that tourist activity continues to thrive. Thanks to the support of Air France, and in partnership for the first time with the UN Conference on Trade and Development, Acting for Life is helping the local association Vanuatu Scuba Operators to raise awareness, prevent climate risks and protect coral reefs.

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