Le siècle d’un géant
Sur le toit de l’église Saint-Marc à Zagreb, le blason de la Croatie. Emblem of Croatia, on the roof of Saint Mark’s Church, Zagreb.

R comme reflet La règle, ici, pour que le roman s’invente : qu’un mot en reflète un autre et qu’il en brouille le contour. De billard à pillard1, le reflet trace la route.

1. Dans Comment j’ai écrit certains de mes livres, on apprend que c’est la transformation d’une première phrase, «les lettres du blanc sur les bandes du billard» en cette autre «les lettres du blanc sur les bandes du pillard», qui a produit le roman Impressions d’Afrique.

R as in reflection A ground rule for constructing the novel: each word always has to reflect another, blurring the contours. From billard to pillard,1 the mirror effect paves the way.

1. In Roussel’s How I Wrote Certain of My Books, we learn that the novel Impressions of Africa is based on the transformation of the opening phrase“les lettres du blanc sur les bandes du billard” into this other one“les lettres du blanc sur les bandes du pillard.”

Rodin centennial Considered one of the fathers of modern sculpture, Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) revolutionized this art of molding volume and light. His innovations transformed traditional techniques and had a lasting influence on his contemporaries and successors. The year 2017 marks the centenary of his death. The Musée Rodin in Paris is organizing this worldwide tribute, in the form of exhibitions, films, publications, new musical compositions and even stamp and coin collections. An opportunity to take a new look at the lesser-known aspects of the master’s work. Rodin as a precursor is the focus of the major event “Rodin: the Centennial Exhibition” at the Grand Palais, Paris, through July 31. The Thinker and The Kiss are on display alongside masterpieces by his contemporaries Bourdelle, Claudel, Brancusi and Picasso, revealing the scope of his genius. In parallel, the Musée Rodin has given carte blanche to the German artist Anselm Kiefer (to October 22), for a fascinating and surprising dialogue with Rodin’s work.

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