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In Niger, the foundation Yara Les Nouveaux Constructeurs (Yara LNC), with support from Air France, facilitates the education of children from isolated bush villages in the Zinder region by providing accommodation in two boarding schools.

Since 2006, Yara LNC has been working on the ground, enabling 180 young people to receive full and regular schooling, from kindergarten to grade 12. Gender parity is strictly adhered to in both schools (Zinder and Niamey), where professionals provide tutoring as well as sports and cultural activities, promoting the personal development of each student. In September 2016, a grade 3 class opened in the Zinder school, with 17 pupils. This preparatory class is indispensable for further education and encourages girls to attend school. The association is building a second boarding school in Niamey for 100 students this year and expanding the Zinder Training Center that offers professional training.


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