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L’attrait des marges


Borderline – Les frontières de la paix

Borderline, Frontiers of Peace. In each photo there’s a gray or red-and-white marker stone, or a painted dotted line, or two kinds of asphalt; or a river, a wood, a meadow or a small valley. In this book, borders are polymorphous, bearing little resemblance to the lines on maps, even the ones on our smartphones. After the Schengen zone opened up, Neapolitan Valerio Vincenzo spent ten years traveling over 20,000 km to photograph these thresholds between 20 or so countriesproviding the date and the GPS coordinates. A journey through the often-rural surroundings of the borderlines that carve up Europe.

Par Valerio Vincenzo Lannoo


Léon l’extra petit terrestre

Léon isn’t a dreamer, he’s too busy for that. He spends his time traveling between planet Earth and a world all his own, his head in the clouds, especially at school. “Sometimes I’d like to be a real Earthling: have lots of friends, understand everything the teacher says, do somersaults without rolling off the edge of the mat, score goals in soccer.” A cut-out bubble like a planet opens onto each new page, each new world.

Par Jo Witek et Stéphane Kiehl

De La Martinière Jeunesse

Sweetheart Roller Skating Rink

“Mind if I shoot some pics?” An innocuous question, but one that often leads to great photographs. That’s how it started, Bill Yates recounts, one day back in 1972 at a roller skating rink in Tampa, Florida. For several months, he captured the heady days of American youth culture. Flashes of a carefree existence, captured on rolls of film forgotten for 40 years. You can almost hear the sound of wheels on the wooden floor.

Par Bill Yates

Fall Line Press


If the mere mention of a plant irritates you, the name of this plant bible could trigger your hayfever. But here, horticulture and its outdated photographs have been kicked into the long grass, replaced by simple modern drawings that help us to understand that a primrose herbal tea is a sedative, that grilled poppy seeds add flavor to pasta and dill does not like growing near carrots.

Par Caz Hildebrand

Éditions Marabout

L’Art de la joie

The Art of Joy. Modest is not the most apt word to describe Modesta, who embodies her name like a prophetic contradiction. Born poor in Sicily, the heroine of this novel, published in Italy in 1998, defies convention, inventing palaces where princes and peasants rub elbows, finding liberation through words she should’ve never learned: “And she had to steal more of them, collect as many as possible on the lined notebook pages.” Goliarda Sapienza wrote this story of rebellion over a period of ten years, in prose as dazzling as the unblinkered sunlight: the radiant journey of a woman who dreams of “being born old and dying as a child.”

Par Goliarda Sapienza

Éditions Le Tripode


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