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Ce Favart n’est pas un opéra

Paris Vanilla and raspberry sing forth beneath the marzipan dome. To mark its 300th year, the Opéra Comique pays tribute to founder Charles-Simon Favart, whose father was a pastry chef. The audience gave suggestions, Lenôtre proposed a few ideas, and artists weighed in. A red velvet and gold leaf delight.

le favart

Aux entractes à l’Opéra Comique, cette saison.
Et à partir du 12.04,collection Lenôtre 2017.

L’alchimie Blumenfeld

Paris With his flashy colors and bold use of lenses and framing, Erwin Blumenfeld was acclaimed as a worthy heir to the avant-garde movements in Europe during the interwar years. He experimented with everything, using a variety of innovative approaches, and turned fashion photography on its head, while celebrating feminine beauty in perpetual motion.


Jusqu’au 4.06. Cité de la mode et du design. 34, quai d’Austerlitz.

Sur la branche

Paris Is it because the Bristol houses a garden smack in the city center? A bird built a chocolate nest on the hotel’s tables, and laid Easter eggs powdered with gold. You won’t find white or yellow inside the shell, however, but blackberry-, lemongrass- or praline-flavored ganache filling. A 4.2 kg limited-edition delicacy concocted by confectioner Laurent Jeannin.

le bristol

112, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré.

Attention Beaubourg !

Noisiel When the Pompidou Center and all its pipes and ducts first opened in 1977, critics called it a “monstrosity.” Some surprising facts: Rossellini devoted his final film to the gobsmacked public, and Beaubourg is celebrating 40 years of innovation and creativity.


Quand Rossellini filmait Beaubourg Jusqu’au 16.07. Allée de la Ferme.

Siège dans la peau

Paris In 2013, Patricia Urquiola created the Swing Chair (photo, on right) for the Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades collection. This month, the family is expanding, with this chair made of perforated leather. It can be stored flat and also includes a handle for easy transport. You used to swing? Time to get grounded.


Édition limitée sur commande sur catalogue en boutique Louis Vuitton.

Tout un monde

Paris Green coffee from Nicoya, lentisk from Greece and olives from Sardinia: Chanel has delved into the secrets of the “blue zones,” places with exceptional longevity, to create a product with revitalizing, protective and energizing properties, to pamper the skin as it ages, naturally and beautifully.

Blue serum

Au centre du temps

Annecy A slide rule inspired this watch by new brand Klokers. The single red hand doesn’t move but the concentric rings doseconds, minutes, hours, each rotating at a different speed. For pocket, wrist and even waistcoat. Interchangeable watch heads, straps and accessories to suit your mood.

montre KLOK-01 Mouvement

Swiss Made à quartz. Trois couleurs de tête de monture.

Séries Mania, saison 8

Paris David Lynch made a comeback, Woody Allen has tried his hand and Steven Soderbergh is in on the actionTV series are now overshadowing feature films and deserve a festival of their own. Séries Mania was launched in 2010, with an international competition, previews and distinguished guests.

Séries mania

Du 13 au 23.04. Forum des images.

Visions croisées

Lyon First there was the “explosante-fixe” so beloved by Surrealists; now there is “beauté fixe,” a theme running through the works of the nine photographers presented here, including Rip Hopkins. Or how photographs capture the sheer brilliance of energy, the magical beauty of an image. A delight for the eyes.

Notre beauté fixe

Jusqu’au 29.04. Galerie Le Réverbère. 38, rue Burdeau.

Silence, ça chausse

Paris Look at themall those movie stars wandering, running, jumping or stumbling across the big screen. Fittingly, shoemaker J.M. Weston’s pop-up shop is housed in the former Gaumont Ambassade cinema: 1,000 m2, staged in chiaroscuro by the Loci Anima agency and featuring the latest in moccasins. Talk about an object of desire, far from obscure.

J.M. Weston

Jusqu’en décembre 2017 au Gaumont Ambassade. 50, avenue des Champs-élysées.

À la taille de vos projets

Itxassou A table is all about communal life and sharing. Alki has extended this to the workplace: tables of varying lengths, modular partitions, storage tray/lamp, plugs hidden by wooden and leather blocks. The Alki cooperative values simplicity and believes pieces should have emotional appeal. And why not remove the partitions and organize a buffet?

table de travail