Children at the heart of music

Launched in 2010 and coordinated by the Cité de la Musique-Philharmonie de Paris, DÉMOS is aimed at kids aged 7 to 14 from disadvantaged backgrounds or isolated rural areas.

The success of this cultural outreach program that involves playing in an orchestra stems from cooperation between professionals in the cultural and social sectors, the development of oral and group teaching, and the training of the participants working with the children. The DÉMOS (Dispositif d’Éducation Musicale et Orchestrale à Vocation Sociale) blueprint is being applied throughout the country with the help of its national, European and local public partners and numerous sponsors. The Fondation Air France supported the creation of two new orchestras, one in Seine-Saint-Denis and the other in northern Val-d’Oise. The aim is to form 30 orchestras bringing together more than 3,000 children for the third phase of DÉMOS (2015-2019), each performing at least one concert a year.


Reviving the local economy