Editor’s letter

When reality takes up summer quarters, the asphalt blushes and syntax is cherry blossom spangled. Snatch this sentence on the rebound, rattle its verbs and scatter a meadow-full of characters beneath the surface. See that line running along the wall? Give it a shake, and dots, dashes and periods will rain down. Open this landscape as if it were a curtain, snip out a few thoughts, paste in a few memories: solemnity has packed its bags; long live poetry tap-tap-tapping on the windowpane.

Postcard by Laura Acquaviva

Paint, charcoal, pencil, felt pen and collagethis image-maker, part graphic designer, part illustrator, concocts her motifs from multiple ingredients in order to recreate her sensations. This month, a waking dream: scraps from a voyage come to mind, weaving a recollection into an abstract painting.