Une formation de taille

Acting for Life, in partnership with Air France, provides an innovative solution for the young people of Dapaong, with technical training in stone masonry. Stone is a natural resource in Togo’s Savanes and Kara regions, and masonry is a strong growth sector. Since 2015 and thanks to support from Air France, Acting for Life and its partners GEVAPAF and the AnBer foundation have been dispensing a comprehensive curriculum in stone working for teachers in training centers and 100 artisans and young people in the region. This two-year cycle combines traditional techniques for local stone cutting with modern working methods, and provides certification to over 72 young people participating in this program. Dapaong mayor’s office, certified training centers and the Togolese Ministry of Vocational Training are working to provide promising job opportunities for the young trainees, who can contribute to public or private projects.

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