Bon appétit à Montréal !

Robuchon at home In early December, people living in Montreal were able to have Air France gastronomic dinners by Joël Robuchon delivered to their homes. Osetra caviar on a surprise aniseed-infused coral gelée; duck confit parmentier; and smooth mango with cranberries and rosé champagne. The dishes were prepared at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, which opened on December 7 at the Casino de Montréal. The chef chose Éric Gonzalez to oversee this restaurant of international standing, offering a creative, unforgettable and convivial menu that spotlights local produce and talents. The launch of this restaurant reinforces Montreal’s status on the global food scene.

l’atelier de joël robuchon

Pavillon du Québec, 1, avenue du Casino. Tél. +1 514 392 2781.
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