Beyond the stars

Seeking an order that lies beyond physical appearances, transcending material reality to get closer to the mysteries of existence, experimenting with self-denial to become one with the cosmos: mystical experiences exerted a particularly strong influence on late 19th-century Symbolist artists who, in reaction to the cult of science and naturalism, chose to suggest emotion and mystery. The landscape thus seemed to them the best visual medium for their quest, the perfect vehicle for contemplation and expressing inner feelings. Organized in partnership with the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, the exhibition “Au delà des étoiles. Le Paysage mystique” explores the landscape as a genre through the works of Paul Gauguin, Maurice Denis (top), Ferdinand Hodler and Vincent van Gogh (bottom left) in particular, while also presenting North American painters such as Lawren Harris and Emily Carr, who are less well known in France. Air France is a partner.


Au delà des étoiles

Du 14.03.2017 au 25.06.2017

Musée d'Orsay, 1 rue de la Légion-d'Honneur, Paris


L’Afrique des jeunes pousses