Plein les yeux

Visual images can imprint themselves forever on our memories, and directors do all they can to maximize a show’s sensorial impact. Here are some of this winter’s must-see music and dance productions that will make a lasting impression on your ears . . . and retinas.

Kristine Opolais in the magical opera Rusalka, at the Met in New York.

Paris Famous for his extreme choreographies of contorted bodies, stretched limbs and breathtaking lifts, Wayne McGregor took his art to a new level for the Opéra de Paris and the demanding Manchester International Festival. This creative collaboration includes Jamie xx, with a score alternating pop and electro sounds, and Olafur Eliasson, whose visual concept takes dancers and spectators into a kind of abyss, with mirrors and lights playing a revelatory role. Not to be missed.

New York With its magical atmosphere and storyline partly inspired by H.C. Andersen’s Little Mermaid, Rusalka is one of Dvořák’s best-known and most popular works. Yet the libretto poses a real challenge: how to hold the spectators’ attention when the heroine becomes mute in the first act? The haunting “Song to the Moon” helps, of course, while Mary Zimmerman’s staging, which blends fantasy and magic, adds an element of utter wonderment.

Zurich It took more than 40 years for this Disney classic, starring Julie Andrews in the film’s title role, to be adapted for the stage. Based on the series of books by P.L. Travers, the show’s upbeat storyline, wonderful songs and exuberant choreography make it irresistible. A chance to see a host of familiar characters again, in a production worthy of Broadway.

Tree Of Codes

Du 3 au 23.02. D’après Jonathan Safran Foer. Palais Garnier.


Du 2.02 au 2.03. Direction musicale : Mark Elder. The Metropolitan Opera.
Retransmission cinéma par Pathé Live le 25.02.

Mary Poppins. The Broadway musical Hit

Jusqu’au 19.03. Theater 11.



Du 2.02.2017 au 2.03.2017.

Direction musicale : Mark Elder. The Metropolitan Opera.

(Retransmission cinéma par Pathé Live le 25.02)


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