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Norway Norwegians love it, non- Norwegians hold their noses. You must admit, brunost does not look very appealing at first glance: it claims to be a cheese, but doesn’t look like one, nor taste like one either. Brown, compact and sweet, a mixture of whey, milk and cream, it’s actually produced by what most cheese makers would consider a faux-pas: overcooking it. Yet it’s a favorite for breakfast, spread over one of Norway’s many bread varieties and sometimes served with jam. As tradition has it, it should be cut with a cheese slicer (patented in Norway in 1925).

Jura The good thing about Comté is that it’s not merely a great cheese: it wants to share its kingdom with one and all. It’s no loner, nor one-eyed king; it loves being surroundedand rightly so. Served with vin jaune, it makes for one of the most delicious food and wine pairings ever. Its floral, fruity, roasted flavor comes out in full force when accompanied by this distinctive wine, with its hints of walnuts and almonds. It’s clear that the entire region has come together to express, to illustrate a land filled with vistas, of intense, biting winters. A magnificent landscape that you can really sink your teeth into.

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San Francisco Here, cheese is a chic gift, the ultimate gesture, a sign of good taste. People bring out cheese for some of the more stylish cocktail hours (usually from 5pm to 7pm). A bit bland, soft and pasteurized in the past, now they’re growing stronger in taste. A sign of the times? The cheesecake at In Situ, MoMA’s restaurant, is made from a recipe by Albert Adrià, using a Vermont cheese similar to Brie, glazed with hazelnut and white chocolate and ringed by mini-shortbread cookies (making it look a bit like the prize rosettes given out at fairs). For that down-home taste that rounds off every meal.

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