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Impression originale


La photographie

These collections of interviews are published by the periodical artpress, which warns on its website that “these books contain text only, there are no photos.” No photographs, thenjust discussion of images, be they snapped or constructed, in series or one-offs, portraying real or imaginary worlds. Whether talking about theory or recounting personal anecdotes, great “walking photo booths” (William Klein), art critics and historians all examine the ambiguities of this medium of flesh and poetry. Read what they have to say, then head to a museum or library, your critical faculties sharpened.


Les Grands Entretiens d’artpress

Ainsi de suite

In M’as-tu vue (Did You See Me?), Sophie Calle shared her works, installations and performances from 1979 to 2003. Ainsi de suite (And So Forth) extends the retrospective to 2016. This rich, elegant tome edged in metal and printed on different papers is made up of 30 multifaceted series, including contributions from volunteers, and four discussions with Marie Desplechin. An intimate portrait of a surprisingly modest artist.

Par Sophie Calle

Éditions Xavier Barral

Devenir un expert du rakugaki

This practical guide to rakugaki (or the art of making minuscule drawings with a maximum of details) resembles a manifesto, but it will fill you with confidence. Academicism? Not a bit of it. A Japanese illustrator with a clear line and a sharp sense of humor explains how to draw with complete freedom. An amusing, intelligent activity.

Par Bunpei Yorifuji

Éditions B42

The Difficulties of Nonsense

Robert Cumming knows that a description, no matter how detailed, does not show all of reality. When he photographs his sculptures, he prefers the photo. When he sets up his theatrical installations, the photos do not conceal the trickery involved. Nonsense? Rather, a different sense, a different vision, stimulating our powers of observation, fearing neither the absurd nor the farcical. A homage to his experimental work of the 1970s.

Par Robert Cumming

Éditions Aperture

Motifs. Dans les coulisses de la Design Library

Patterns. Inside the Design Library. As a quick exercise in observation, try identifying the patterns that adorn everything, from the lining of a scarf to the curve of a cushion and the back of a birthday card. Where do they come from? The answer is probably hidden away in the Design Library, north of New York, home to the largest collection of patterns and prints in the world. Every season, designers go there to consult the archives, seeking inspiration from the geometric dots, exotic scrolls and floral guipures. These samples are presented for the first time in this handsome tome.

Par Peter Koepke

Éditions Phaidon
Mickey Mouse's Early Years par Tébo, collection Créations originales Set of 4 pairs of socks Mickey, Pluto, Dingo et Donald Duck, en édition limitée Disney x Stance x colette Mickey Mouse Café Zombopar Régis Loisel, collection Créations originales Glénat


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