The color of mist

It’s an unexpected spot. The kind of tiny place that shouldn’t be here, with a kung fu academy on one side and a tattoo parlor on the other. And at the end of the street (steep enough so that you know you’re in San Francisco), the ocean. A sort of infinity you wouldn’t expect here either. Every morning, the fog creeps up through the streets. Maybe that’s what gave the artists working at Case for Making the idea of making their own fluorescent watercolors: a way to blend luminous transparencies into the ocean spray, or blast it with bright lines like neon lights, using the little blocks of dense, velvety pigment that come meticulously wrapped like chocolates. This shop for dreamers purveys all sorts of delicate and evanescent art supplies. There are also some collaborative creations, including a block of postcards to paint yourself, and handmade products such as marbled-paper stickers (designed by one of the staff, a specialist in the craft), a photograph of the nearby beach or the neighborhood’s spectacular sunsets. This is how they cultivate the imagination here in Outer Sunset. You should try it.


Case for Making

4037 Judah St., 46th Ave., San Francisco.


For your safety, follow the instructions