Art takes flight

La selle Arpège, conçue par le maître sellier Laurent Goblet.

The Arpège saddle designed by master saddler Laurent Goblet.

Samsonite shatters the monotony of the airport luggage carousel, cladding its famous Cosmolite in the colors of a master. A blast of pure art.

This is a suitcase. It has four wheels, two handles and a healthy sense of humor. It doesn’t bat an eyelid when a bird lands on its belly or when it’s done up with a green apple and red tie. So it’s a suitcase, but not just any suitcase. Recently launched by Samsonite, it has a distinctly Surrealist look about it, which is hardly surprising given it was inspired by René Magritte’s paintings. This limited-edition capsule collection comes in two versions, both with the same cloud-motif lining that suggests flying away even before takeoff. Samsonite likes to cultivate the art of travel. When it’s not drawing from Magritte’s canvases, it’s dipping into Keith Haring’s graffiti. In 2015, the brand released a first line of accessories featuring these colorful, dynamic motifs. The instantly recognizable square-nosed dogs and funky little men injected a burst of energy into a merry assortment of labels, locks, straps and pillows as bright and breezy as a summer morning. In 2016, the Haring theme returned in a new range of accessories. Throughout his career, the American artist happily applied his art to a variety of surfaces, including tarps, cars, t-shirts and furniture. By adding bags to the list, Samsonite was spot on. Keith Haring’s dancing world transports us, with or without wheels.


Colorful expressions