Terra dos Homens

Depuis 1996, l’association brésilienne Terra dos Homens protège et défend les droits des enfants  et adolescents de Rio de Janeiro, en situation de rue, en foyer ou victimes de violences. 

Terra dos Homens Over 13,000 young people and 4,000 families have benefited from the support of this association staffed by street workers, real professionals who play a crucial role in ensuring children are able to develop fully and harmoniously. The association also protects and champions their rights. In 2016, the Air France Foundation, a partner for over eight years, supported the social reintegration of 20 adolescents working illegally as shoe shiners at Rio de Janeiro International Airport. They were offered training opportunities, enabling 80 percent of them to work legally. As Terra dos Homens celebrates 20 years of activity, founder Claudia Cabral reminds us that “prevention is paramount to save children from living in the streets.”


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