Rendez-vous au Plaza Athénée

Rendezvous at the Plaza Athénée hotel For the second year in a row, Air France’s La Première staff are undergoing an immersive experience at this prestigious Parisian hotel, which is synonymous with traditional luxury and appeals to a similar clientele. Staff from the La Première lounge and 25 flight attendants discussed at length service and customer care, with a view to strengthening the customer-staff relationship and emotional bond. One of the major points highlighted was how to personalize service as much as possible, boosting both the satisfaction and loyalty of these distinguished travelers. Touring this superb place is a learning experience in itself, from the haute couture suites to the restaurant of the starred chef Alain Ducasse and the bar with decor by Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku. Sharing good practice in the field of traditional French-style luxury.


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