Improving customer care through digital innovation

Improving customer care through digital innovation A hackathon* was organized with 130 participants selected from over 700 applicants“a kind of record for a European hackathon.” Participants had to come up with a digital technology solution that would improve the travel experience when a problem arises. Passengers sometimes have to put up with delays as a result of technical issues, or even the postponement or cancellation of flights due to adverse weather conditions or other chance events. This is stressful for customers and brings extra costs for Air France. Working in teams of two to five and focusing on four different passenger profiles, the hackathonians embarked on a two-day marathon to find the ideal innovative solution. They were provided with Air France data and real-life cases, and were assisted by experts throughout the challenge. Prizes were awarded to four projects that met all the criteriacoherence, originality, added value, pragmatism and functional quality: AFBotLine, Universal Voucher, NotiFlight and Care France. Valuable ideas are not a question of age: at the Kids Solo hackathon, an 11-year-old girl was a jury member. For 48 hours, 30 members of the airline’s staff put their heads together to come up with new ways to offer young travelers the best possible travel experience.

*The principe, time and event at which a group of voluntary participants work collaboratively over several days on a computer programming projecta creative process often used in digital innovation.