Boosting family agriculture

Dans la région du Bafing, Acting for Life collabore avec O’rizon Côte d’Ivoire, une organisation locale  qui soutient les petits agriculteurs de la zone de Foungbesso, pour améliorer la sécurité alimentaire. 

Boosting family agriculture Acting for Life is working with local organisation O’rizon Côte d’Ivoire to support small producers in the Foungbesso area. The Bafing region in western Ivory Coast has rich soil that is suitable for growing subsistence crops, but it is faced with the danger of the spread of cash crops and monopolization of the land. An initial project launched in spring 2015 enabled 450 farmers from 13 villages to follow training programs teaching them how to grow a new variety of rice, as well as corn and cassava. The average size of plots has doubled, productivity has improved and, in 2016, their families did not go short of food between seasons. Boosted by this success, and with the support of Air France and the AnBer foundation, Acting for Life has renewed its commitment to providing aid by expanding operations to promote local produce and create channels for transforming and selling crops.


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